Cobra King Slots

Would you like to meet a cobra on the reels of a slot game? It sounds safer than the reality, doesn't it? However, there are other icons you'll want to hunt down as you play the Cobra King slot, and we've got details on those below. Prepare to meet a genie and his lamp…

You've got a five-reel game to check out

The game offers players the chance to spin five reels, but there are no paylines in play. Instead, the creator - Rival Gaming - offers the maximum winning ways possible on a 5 x 4 grid. This means there are 1,024 of them in action.

How much does it cost to play Cobra King slots?

The minimum bet is 30 cents, and that covers all 1,024 ways. You can choose other coin values up to a maximum of $7.50. You're also able to multiply those values by up to 10 coins, so check the chosen wager before you begin.

Does the slot game offer any bonus icons?

It does have some important ones, including a man as a wild, which can display a 3x multiplier. There are two scatters as well - one being the genie's lamp and the other being the genie himself.

Entering Cobra King bonus territory

The best parts of the game have arrived. Look out for genie lamps during the regular spins, as you'll collect those to determine the nature of the free spins you might be able to play. There are three versions of the free game round, with a twist on the wilds on offer in each case.

Find three genies to reveal your free spins. The base game collects those lamps and when you have enough to fill the wheel shown on screen, you'll progress to the next round.

Expect another fine slot experience from Rival Gaming

Cobra King is striking to look at, yet it also offers a dynamic gameplay experience. This is one of their best slots for a while, with the progressive free spin variations the obvious highlight for those choosing to play. You can also test it first, to see what you make of it before launching the real version of the Cobra King slot game.